Add DrinkSense to the mix

Drinking in moderation doesn’t need to be complicated. DrinkSense provides tips to help Albertans make better decisions when consuming alcohol.  Adding DrinkSense to the mix can help you make smarter decisions and help reduce alcohol-related harms.


Easy Ways To Use Your DrinkSense

Choose beverages with lower alcohol content.

You can enjoy your drink with less of the harmful effects associated with alcohol consumption.

Alternate alcoholic with non-alcoholic beverages.

In addition to pop and water, you can enjoy non-alcoholic beer, wine, coolers or mocktails.

Sip your drinks slowly.

For mixed drinks, pour them in a large glass with more mix and less ice to enjoy your drink longer. 

Have a meal or a snack before and while drinking alcohol.

A full stomach helps to slow the absorption of alcohol.

Keep track of the amount you drink daily and throughout the week.

Plan non-drinking days every week to avoid developing a habit.

Know the potential risks of alcohol consumption and determine your risk tolerance.

Set your limits and drink within them.

Two men trying to defrost a block of ice containing a beer by using blowdryers

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