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Tips when serving

If you work anywhere that serves alcohol, there is a lot to be aware of.

To increase your safety and that of others, use your DrinkSense:

  • Be conscious of over consumption and the signs of intoxication
  • Discontinue service if someone appears intoxicated
  • Know you legal responsibilities and liabilities as a server

Learn more with the help of the SMART Training Programs.


ProServe Liquor Staff Training

ProServe is Alberta’s responsible liquor sales and service program. It is designed to help make sure that the service and sale of liquor is done according to law and in a way that keeps customers, guests and others safe from alcohol-related harms. Other Canadian provinces have similar responsible liquor service programs.

Representatives in Alberta’s liquor industry asked AGLC to deliver and manage a responsible liquor sales and service program for industry workers, one that everyone involved in the sale and service of liquor would have to take. ProServe Liquor Staff Training is that program.


The ProServe program can help licensees and industry workers:

  • Curb the problem of underage drinking
  • Reduce alcohol over-consumption
  • Reduce impaired driving, and
  • Reduce the risk of violence

ProServe Liquor Staff Training helps to reduce the problems caused by underage drinking, people drinking too much, impaired driving and people who become violent when they drink alcohol.


ProServe training will help you understand:

  • your duty of care to your customers or guests
  • what your legal responsibilities are when serving or selling liquor
  • how alcohol affects the body
  • how liquor can affect people’s behaviour
  • how to tell when a customer or guest may have had too much to drink
  • what you and your co-workers can do to serve and sell liquor safely and responsibly
  • how to deal with customers or guests who are under 18 years of age (minors)
  • how to stop service or say "No" when customers appear to have had too much to drink

ProServe is a mandatory responsible liquor service program for full- and part-time workers of legal age employed or volunteering:

  • in positions where liquor is provided under the authority of a Class A, B, D, E and Duty Free licence (excluding Class D - Sacramental Wine Resale licence):
    • licensed premises owners, managers, supervisors, retailers, bartenders, servers, greeters, and hosts
    • security staff (directly employed or contracted by the licensee) and
    • owners and managers of a company contracted to provide security
  • positions where liquor is provided under the authority of a Commercial Public Resale Special Event licence:
    • managers, supervisors, bartenders, servers, and drink ticket sellers;
    • security staff (directly employed or contracted by the licensee); and
    • owners and managers of a company contracted to provide security
  • persons registered with AGLC as a liquor agency and their employees whose duties include the sampling of liquor products:
    • Minors (anyone under 18 years of age) do not require ProServe certification
      A minor employed as table staff in a Class A, B, or C licensed premises where minors are allowed may not sell or serve liquor. No minor may work as staff in a Class A Minors Prohibited licensed premises, a Class D licensed retail liquor store, a hotel off-sales room, a duty-free store, or any other premises where a "minors prohibited" condition has been imposed on the licence (see Section 5.5 of the Licensee Handbook at

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