Reducing Risk

Moderation starts with self-awareness

The effects of alcohol vary greatly from one person to another so it’s important to know yourself. Weight and size, genetics, family history, mixing alcohol with other substances or medications, stress, hunger and lack of sleep can all change the way alcohol affects you.

In Alberta, alcohol is so much a part of social events that it is not usually thought of as a drug. However, alcohol is a drug, and it is the drug used the most in Alberta. However, the good news is the large majority of Albertans drink responsibly.

For further information on harms of alcohol consumption visit Canada's Guidance on Alcohol and Health.

Below are a few tips to enjoy responsibly:

  • Plan non-drinking days every week to avoid developing a habit
  • Check with a doctor or a pharmacist before using alcohol when taking medication
  • Pour smaller drinks
  • Enjoy spritzers so your drinks have less wine
  • Drink water or flavoured mineral water instead of alcohol
  • Host smarter parties
    • Be sure to serve beverages other than alcohol
    • Serve snacks throughout the night
    • Pace your drinking and when you serve drinks
    • Plan for guests to stay or get a safe ride home so that no one drinks and drives

Are all beers created equal?

Nope! The alcohol content of a beer can vary from 1.1 to 11 per cent and up. Compare how your beer choices are adding up to 1 standard drink.
– based on 1 standard drink which contains 17 ml of pure alcohol.

Craft brewer chart

Size matters! 

See how many standard drinks are in the beer serving sizes below.
– based on a standard beer at 5%

Craft brewer chart

Yes, you can still have a couple

Social events such as parties and alcohol often go hand-in-hand. Keep in mind, most things are better in moderation, including alcohol. Everyone has a better time when friends and family members drink responsibly.

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